Brooke and Nick's casual downtown engagement session was beautiful to capture! This super fun couple chose two locations that held a special place in their hearts. I love when clients choose places that are meaningful to them because when they look back at their photos, they’ll cherish them even more. Our first stop was in the beautiful downtown area of Raleigh, where they live. The city provided the perfect backdrop, giving their photos a timeless yet modern touch!

couple kissing during their engagement session
happy couple at their favorite coffee shop laughing with each other
newly engaged couple kissing during their photoshoot

Brooke & Nick’s Casual Downtown Engagement Session

The second location was their favorite local coffee shop - the Iris Coffee Lab. This wasn't just a cup of coffee and a photoshoot! The coffee shop, filled with creativity and warmth, helped create photos that were more unique than your average engagement session. One thing that truly stood out about this shoot was how Brooke and Nick made it their own! They treated the session like a date, this added an intimate and genuine touch to the photos. As their photographer, I felt like a fly on the wall, there to capture their love story in the most authentic way possible.

During the planning stages, I asked Brooke and Nick what a typical Saturday looked like for them. Their answer? A relaxed breakfast or coffee, followed by a stroll downtown, shopping, and spending quality time together. What better way to celebrate their engagement than by recreating their perfect weekend? That's exactly what we did. It was a slow and beautiful afternoon, followed by an equally relaxed evening. There was no rush. We spent our time wisely, moving from one location to the next, letting everything unfold organically. The result? A series of photos that perfectly encapsulate Brooke and Nick's love and companionship.

polaroids of the newly engaged couple
cute couple at their engagement photoshoot
cute couple smiling at each other

Studio Plaxco | North Carolina Engagement Photographer

The downtown area of Raleigh, with its traditional charm, and the Iris Coffee Lab, with its fun and creative vibe, complemented each other perfectly, just like Brooke and Nick. This engagement session was all about celebrating Brooke and Nick's love, their story, and their journey together! If you are ready for me to capture your engagement session in the most authentic way possible just like I did for Brook and Nick, don’t hesitate to reach out! I would love to capture your beautiful love story. Can’t wait to hear from you!

Come see more of this beautiful engagement session below!

happy newly engaged couple kissing
couple kissing during their engagement session
cute couple taking pictures with a polaroid camera
couple hugging during their photoshoot
newly engaged couple looking at each other
fiance taking pictures of his fiance with a polaroid camera
polaroid images of the newly engaged couple
cute polaroid pictures
cute couple at their favorite coffee shop
in love couple looking at each other
couple drinking their favorite coffee
happy couple during their engagement photoshoot
couple laughing with each other
amazing couple looking at each other during their photoshoot
newly engaged couple