Welcome to Studio Plaxco!

What started as a small town side hustle is now my greatest love and most fulfilling career. I believe you don't need a "reason" to want a moment captured. Every moment in life is precious and the more you can document, the better! Each day we are given is a gift and every moment - small or large - is a moment to celebrate!

Okay - now that the professional stuff is out of the way... Hi! I'm Hannah and I'm really glad that you're here! I really am just here to have a good time and to help you create beautiful moments. I shoot families, couples, and weddings - but mostly weddings because those typically come with free cake and a dance floor. If you're on the website or any of our social media, you're more than likely hearing from me! My husband Zach is my business partner, but stays behind the scenes most days keeping up with our equipment and managing our books.

I hope you'll stick around - and maybe even invite me to come be a part of whatever special moment you have going on in life!