Capturing Memories

I am quite literally out here living my dream. When I started photography I was newly engaged and honestly just had some extra time on my hands. I knew I had a camera laying around and thought it'd be fun to see what would happen.. Well, let me tell you what happened. It's four years later and it's my full time job to take pictures of strangers in love. How freaking insane is that?!

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A little about me...

What do you wanna know? I'm an open book, so let's talk!

I've been married to my bff, Zach, for 3 years. I literally call him my bff and it drives him crazy - I love it. We welcomed our little girl, Evy, in July of 2022. I won't lie. Life has been nuts. Somehow I went from being 19, making 2am Cook Out runs in college to being a full-time business owner and mom... wild.

I have approximately 100 guilty pleasures in life - watching trashy, reality TV; going to McDonalds just to order 2 large Diet Cokes that really only will last me about an hour; filling my Amazon cart only to click "save for later" on everything and never actually making a purchase; telling my husband at 3am that it's his turn to feed the baby even though it absolutely is not... I could literally go on forever.

Somewhere in all this mess of life, I just fell in love with taking pictures. I'm so thankful that people trust me with such special memories and I can't wait to be a part of whatever you have planned!