Here are the three best wedding venues in the Greenville, South Carolina area that brides and grooms need to book for their wedding day!

Aurora Farms

Aurora Farms is located just outside of Greenville in Taylors, South Carolina. Between the beautiful willow tree in the back yard and bright, large rooms inside, you're sure to have a gorgeous ceremony no matter which location you choose. The venue has two separate getting ready spaces as well as a space for the caterer to set up and prepare to serve food. Aurora Farms has a gorgeous outdoor setting this is perfect for bridal party and family photos as well as your newly wed portraits. My favorite part of this venue is the many options you have for your reception setup. The room is so large you can choose to set tables individually, have long family style seating, the options are endless. Whether you are having your meal served or doing a buffet line, you'll have plenty of room for sitting, eating, and dancing!

Gassaway Mansion

Gassaway Mansion is settled right in the heart of Greenville, South Carolina - if fact, if you don't know to look for it, you might miss it. This venue is a 1920s mansion turned perfect wedding space. There is a beautiful area for the couple and their wedding party to get ready as well as a space downstairs where guests can mingle and sign your guest book. While your ceremony is held at the front steps of the mansion, your reception is through the front door of the home and out behind it under a gorgeously furnished event tent. By far, the highlight of this venue is the beautiful photo opportunities around the property.

View Point at Buckhorn Creek

Last, but definitely not least is View Point at Buckhorn Creek. This venue is the perfect mountain view without have to drive up a mountain. There is a fully furnished home for the couple and bridal party to get ready at settled right in the middle of a gorgeous garden overlooking the mountains. Your ceremony will have the perfect mountainous backdrop and you have the entire garden, gazebo, and koi pond for some really incredible photo opportunities. The reception is held at the reception tent just on the other side of the home. The reception space is easily accessible and provides the perfect area for dinner, dancing, and the best celebration!

If you're looking for the best wedding venues in the Greenville area, this is where I would start! If you need more tips make sure to follow me on Instagram @studioplaxco and shoot me a message with any questions you have! I would love to hear about your wedding day dreams and help you bring them to life!