Be the Main Character on your wedding day!

June 3, 2022

Throughout my time as a wedding photographer, I have learned a few do's and don'ts to make sure that YOU are the main character on your wedding day! Let's talk about it.

First things first, OWN that main character energy. Do the things that help you relax and slowly take in your day. That might mean a face mask and mimosa before you start getting ready. It might be a walk through your venue space to take in the scenery before walking down the aisle. This is YOUR day and self-care has never been more important. Embrace allowing other people to serve you and just take the day as it comes.

Second - whoever said that being extra was too much was wrong! Be a little extra. Wear the cozy pajamas, add some bling jewelry, do the extra dip kiss halfway down the aisle. I don't care what anyone says - more is more and a little pizzaz on your wedding day definitely gives you that main character energy!

Last - and this might be the most important piece - I highly suggest picking one person (a bridesmaid, a special guest, someone not super busy doing other things) to stick close by with you throughout the day and capture photos and videos on their phone for you to look at the day after your wedding. Your photographer will deliver you some KILLER photos, but even the preview could take a couple of days to get. Having those photos and videos on your phone the day after the wedding gives you something to scroll through and take in the day again. Even if you want an "unplugged ceremony," having raw moments from the other parts of your day is going to be so special. Those photos and videos are informal and captures so much. Some things I've seen captured that were absolutely priceless: a video of the moment a grandmother walked into the bridal sweet and saw the bride, a photo of the groom greeting his old college friends at the reception, the bride and groom sharing a special moment alone just after their portraits. There are so many moments that happen elsewhere while your photographer and videographer and following the timeline. Having someone else to informally capture those things as they happen gives you even more to look back and definitely embraces that main character mindset - just think of them as your personal paparazzi!

That's it! 3 easy steps to being the main character on your wedding day! I'm wishing you the absolute best and hope that your wedding day is all that you've ever dreamed it would be.

xo, han

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